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Current Advocacy Efforts

These are the current advocacy issues that the MSRT is working on for Minnesota.  If you have a passion for your profession and would like to help out, please contact us today!

Forward Movement on Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act of 2019 (MARCA)

The MSRT is also a strong advocate for the radiologic technologist profession on a federal level. Recently, visits to Rep. Angie Craig’s office resulted in her becoming a co-sponsor of House Resolution 1970, the Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act of 2019, that provides payment for services of radiologist assistants under the Medicare program. Rep. Craig’s office stated they are “hopeful that this level of expertise becomes a standard of radiological care

2022 MARCA Updates:

If you have not already, please write to your representatives ASRT has taken the work out of it for you!

Check out this facts and myths sheet!


The MSRT is looking at pursuing licensure for Radiological Technologists in Minnesota.  The MSRT feels licensure is the best radiation regulatory model to ensure proper medical radiation care for the public in Minnesota.  Click here for more resources on MSRT's licensure initiative for Radiological Technologists in Minnesota.

Chapter 4732 Rule Rewrite for MN X-ray

The Minnesota Department of Health began the process of rewriting the Chapter 4732 x-ray rules.  This is a process that could take up to two years.  These rules are the majority of x-ray regulations that directly pertain to our profession.    Below is a link to the MDH website, which explains more about the process and offers ways to submit proposals for changes to the rules.

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